Big Apple Chapel is a New Testament based church in New York City, modeled after the pattern of the early church, with a strong emphasis on following Christ as a community of His disciples.

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TOYL accelerator: How to eat an elephant one bite at a time

How to Eat an Elephant One Bite at a Time

For those who eat an elephant one nibble at a time here's a bite-by-bite guide that incorporates one TOYL Task/week until you're cleaning your teeth with the tusks.

Week 1.  Monthly calendar- enter each new appointment as it comes in. Jot down tasks in the margin. of the ToDo list you become aware of them. Transfer all your appointments into the appropriate month.

Week 2.  Daily ToDo List- Write the three major things you have to do each day on the appropriate priority section. Number them in order of importance. Add other tasks as the day progresses. If necessary, go back and add items so that you have at least three things listed on each sheet
Since you've probable saved some time already, use it to check off any of the Daily disciplines you do, when you do them.

Week 3.  Weekly ToDo List- Well you listed 21 last week, not bad! Now try to list (on your Weekly list) five items that you have to do next week, and one that you want to do. For extra credit, figure out (before Monday morning) which day you'll do each task.

Week 4.  Plan each day- Try writing all the major tasks you plan to do every day. Use the Classification an(l  Prioritization Sheet (Quadrant: I, II, III, IV; A= Act & Achieve, B = Begin action this week, C = Can be safely neglected) to prioritize your tasks. Deposit an idea in an Idea Bank.

Week 5.  Plan & Prioritize a dozen weekly tasks by Sunday night, listing at least two top tasks for each day in the priority section. Try Using a People Page Follow-Up Sheet for one task.

Week 6.  Do a Project Planner on incorporating One Daily Discipline into your life. Enter the Discipline on the Life Goals section of each Day, and trust God for help in doing it.  

Week 7.  Write out your personal standards (incl. the amount of time) for each Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Discipline. you're currently doing. See the Instruction Sheet for ideas. Start using a Scorekeeper for one area.

Week 8.  Develop Standards for any areas in which you're lacking. Incorporate one more TOYL activity of your own choosing.

Week 9.  Write out a SMART Goal  for one of  your Objectives. Refine one of your Objectives and Life Plans until you  and God are satisfied. You might want to study one of the five areas in your QT and read a book in each area. Do a Goal Galvanizer for that Objective Goal and the first steps under your Life Goals for the week.  (Repeat this procedure monthly until you've developed action steps toward each of your Objectives).


Week 10.  Review your TOYL Organizer and Notebook. Use a page from your Journal and list the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Disciplines or parts that you're currently following (or use a Highlighter.) Which have been most helpful to you? Let me know. Now list those disciplines you wish to incorporate in the order that is most important to you. Develop a schedule to add a discipline monthly or at whatever pace you can incorporate them. Start using your Goal Tracker.