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Teen TOYL objectives

Teen TOYL Objectives/Competencies

This is a supplement to the TOYL Evaluation, tailored for Teens contemplating college.
Understand and set Life Purpose, Life Plan, and Objectives in the Five Areas, in writing.   Order life soundmindedly to reach objectives. (Major emphasis for believers in Titus)

I. Work Objective – to help you fulfill you Life Purpose and Plan

1. Start Discovering your Design and exploring areas where you can be a good steward of how God’s made you. (attached)
2. Articulate the reasons for and against going to college. (influence and ministry, see reasons for working)
3. Compete: Master the SAT vocab, math, and writing (Up Your Score, is a great fun punny approach)
4. Compensate: develop interests and skills where God has uniquely gifted you, as a good steward.
5. Learn what it takes to get in (The Truth about Getting In, by Amy Cohen gives specific skill set, transcript, timetable, and motivation)
6. Learn to read on all levels (Evelyn Wood Speedreading book; Mortimer Adler, How to Read a Book, BC Textbook Study)
7. Learn to speak and write (see attached)  Get language proficiency early. Master note-taking, test-taking and studying skills.
8. Understand the foundations for philosophy, economics, politics, history, religion, etc., with Biblical integration.
 (Read a Western Civilization textbook and develop your own timeline.)

II. Relationships– to help you fulfill you Life Purpose and Plan

1. Commit to Purity and Obedience (Not defraud, Not waken love, Abstain from every appearance of evil)
2. Articulate a Biblical Philosophy of Relationships and Dating. Understand the Relationships timeline (attached)
3. Develop a sense of worth and approval from God so you’re not using others to boost your ego or self-worth
4. Deepen your relationship with God as you obey His objective will so you’ll be better able to discern His subjective will.
5. Learn and practice the skills of other-centered friendship and influence, as you wisely choose friends.
(Myers-Briggs: Art of Speedreading People, Tieger PersonalityType.com, is the best, objective, verifiable way of understanding tendencies)
6. Develop accountability relationships which will endure.
7. Practice your skills of other-centered serving with your family. (Eph 4:29)
8. Be Blessable as you trust God for bringing about His perfect will regarding a mate

III.  Personal Growth– to help you fulfill you Life Purpose/Plan

1. Proactively plan and manage your time so you can hit an objective without prodding. (Seven Habits for Teens – Covey)
2. Learn how to use a watch and calendar to be where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be.
3. Develop lifelong habits of exercise, sleep, nutritiously fueling your body (learn to cook and eat healthily), Biblical budgeting, laundry.
4. Learn and practice the etiquette and manners of polite, civilized society. (meet, greet, give/receive complements, thank-you notes, etc.)

IV. Spiritual Growth– to help you fulfill you Life Purpose and Plan

1. Master the core disciplines of the Spiritual Life necessary for a relationship with God. (7 “Discipleship Passages”)
2. Develop competencies in the Training Objectives, so that you can pass them on to others.
3. Learn how to do inductive Bible study using the OnlineBible.org (free)
4. Learn to accept yourself, and build you self-worth and value via your relationship with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
5. Learn to respond to authority, suffer for doing what’s right, and be immune to peer pressure.
6. Learn how to cope with failure and disappointment, avoiding laziness and perfectionism. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly sometimes.
7. Be Blessable as you practice sacrificial serving

V. Ministry– to help you fulfill you Life Purpose and Plan

1. Articulate a Biblical Philosophy of Ministry
2. Know how to share the bridge illustration from memory (as well as using a Bible).
3. Guide someone through the 7 Discussions answering the basic questions non-christians ask (I’m Glad You Asked, Boa/Moody)
4. Be able to lead a study through the 7 “Discipleship Passages” necessary for developing reproductive disciples
5. Learn how to identify and refute various world views (Particularly Islam, Judiasm, “liberal” Catholicism and Protestanism, cults)
6. Start ingraining the Laws of Leadership (POSE Plan, Organize, Supervise, Evaluate) as you build leadership character
7. Practice subordinating preferences to a higher objective in becoming all things to all men/women.