Big Apple Chapel is a New Testament based church in New York City, modeled after the pattern of the early church, with a strong emphasis on following Christ as a community of His disciples.

  • Sunday - 10:30 am
  • 520 8th Ave, 16th floor
    New York, NY
  • phone: +1 (973) 837-1041

Solution starters for SMART goals

Solution Starters for S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Defining the real problem gets you halfway to the solution. INT => I need to

  1. My goals didn't get accomplished » INT save up and then pay the same price as Christ did to do the Father's will. Phil 4:10-17
  2. No one will give me a job » INT identify how it can be in someone's best interest for me to meet their needs. Col 3:24
  3. I need a better job » INT maximize my service in my current sphere and expand my capabilities in areas where there is need
  4. My co-workers throw grenades at me » INT get in the foxholes with them so God can love them through me. 1Pt 2:12,15;3:14-15
  5. My self-worth is poor » INT strive to do what is of value in the Lord's sight. Lk 14:34-35
  6. I don't have enough resources » INT realize that God can create whatever is in my best interest, then use what I've got. Mt 14:17
  7. I don't have enough time » INT stop squandering time on the wrong objectives and start doing God's will exclusively. Eph 5:17
  8. My Quiet Time is too quiet » INT value God's perspective and power for my day more than Satan's perspective and my power.
  9. I'm too busy » INT realize I have all the time in the world to do God's will, then clean out the clutter and tie each activity into a God pleasing objective. Lk 10:42
  10. I get overwhelmed » INT focus on tasks within my ability & trust God for the difference Ph 4:13
  11. I don't know God's goals for my life » INT embrace God's will as my highest good. Jn 7:17 Rm 12
  12. I lack motivation » INT embrace God's purpose for my life rather than Satan's (or mine) Ph 2:13
  13. I get burned out » INT be in step with the Spirit to live with a power assist. Gal 5:25
  14. I don't have dependable friends » INT look to God to meet my needs so I'm free to invest in others (developing the skills and interests of friendship Gal 5:13
  15. My spiritual life isn't going anywhere » INT develop accountable relationships with people who walk with God 2Tim 2:2; 2:22
  16. I'm in debt » INT trust God for my desires as I discipline myself to live within a budget Ph 4:19
  17. God hasn't given me a perfect spouse » INT focus on being the kind of spouse to whom God would entrust His handiwork. Gen 2:22
  18. My wife needs remodeling » INT take the initiative to be an exemplary leader in all aspects of our relationship, sacrificing myself (time and comfort) for what's in her best interest. Eph 5:25
  19. My husband needs an overhaul » INT submit to Christ's Lordship & by my example win my husband without a word 1Pt 3
  20. The honeymoon is over » INT maintain an environment conducive to romance & keep a healthy balance at the love bank 1Cor 7
  21. My kids need obedience school » INT consistently model God's parenting of me as I follow His commands. Eph 6:4
  22. I can't resist temptation » INT die to my independence from God and others and flee at the first exit Heb 10:24; 12:4
  23. I was born with a quick temper » INT yield my rights to be angry and develop a tolerance to irritation Eph 4:26; 31-32
  24. I'm a creative type (disorganized) » INT pay the price to develop a system and the disciplined habits to use it 1Cor 14:40
  25. I'm always tired » INT say no to energy robbers and yes to energy builders
  26. I need more sleep » I need to go to bed early enough so I can wake without an alarm clock
  27. I'm undertall for my weight » INT maintain a net caloric decrease by exercising my mouth less and my body more (forbearance on intake, self-control on output) 1Tim 4:7-8
  28. I need more faith » INT please God by knowing and responding to Him as He's revealed Himself in Scripture and life Heb 11:6
  29. I need more grace » INT deepen my capacity and draw upon the power God makes available to me 2Pt 3:18; Heb 4:16
  30. I can't help being a pessimist » INT view each item God's allowed into my life as a special gift to refine me and draw me closer to Him. Rm 8:28 Ps 11