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Exegetical Outline Walk-Thru

2011-05-22 Eph 2:8-10



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Step 1: Mechanical layout put each clause (has a verb),  phrase (ie, preposition), and significant word on its own line.
Step 2: Indent modifiers indicating the relationships between clauses/phrases
Start identifying main verbs and breaks in thought which will become major outline points.
                Ask:        1. What's he talking about? (Subject)      2. What is he saying about the subject?(Complement)

8a  For     by grace
8b  you have been saved
8c            through faith,
8d  and that not of yourselves;
8e             it is         the gift of God,
9a                            not of works,
9b                lest anyone should boast.

10a For we are His workmanship,
10b          created in Christ Jesus
10c          y..........z. for good works,
10d          x..........y..........z..which God prepared beforehand
10e          w.........x..........y........z..that we should walk in them.


Step 3: Observation=see what's there; look up words, compare translations, identify/verify verbs (underline them), and “structural markers”
VIP Very Important Phrase, the major thing author is communicating.  Verbal Independent Proposition aka MVP Major VP

8 For  gar=gives a reason for what he just said.
8a            by grace  dative case (ending) indicating means, feminine gender
8b  you have been saved  MVP/VIP Main Verbal Independent Proposition  “you are having been saved”
8c            through faith,  dia preposition indicating means, with feminine noun, phrase modifies the verb

8d  and that (is)* not of yourselves;  and=conjunction joining two verbs, that= neuter pronoun, can't modify feminine noun (grace/faith),
must modify neuter noun or concept. *Ellipsis (implied verb)= is (usually the verb “to be/become”)
8e             it is*       the gift of God,  it=pronoun
9a             it is*       not of works,   Ellipsis
9b                  lest anyone should boast  Hina 'ina 'iva=subordinating conjunction, when paired with a verb in the subjunctive mood (might or might not happen) it means Purpose. This clause gives the Purpose for another clause (clauses have a verb)

10 For gar gives a reason. V10 gives a Reason for the previous clause/verse/subject/section
10a we are His workmanship  SVP subordinate verbal proposition
10b          created in Christ Jesus  subordinate participle with prepositional phrase ev+JC modifies verb
10c                          for good works, epi preposition phrase
10d                                          which God prepared beforehand relative pronoun intro relative clause
10e                                                          that we should walk in them. Hina+subjunctive-purpose



Develop an Exegetical Outline to express the relationship between clauses/phrases as answering the questions” What does it modify? (that's the Subject) How does it modify it? (that is the Complement)
Does this clause/phrase/word tell me      Who? What? When? Where? Why? or How? about the Subject? Thus the modifier is the Complement.
Who? The One Who (to whom) does (to whom is done) the MVP  is...the complement
What? The Thing Which/Content MVP is...the complement                                  MAGIC Formula: Nuance..Subject...Complement
When? The Time When/Until MVP is...the complement                        see How to Study the Bible like Sherlock 'OLMES on Truthbase.net
Where? The Place Where/Sphere MVP is...the complement
Why?  three nuances/shade of meaning:  Purpose (intention), Reason (cause), Result (actually happens)  The Purpose of the MVP is SO THAT/IN ORDER THAT...the complement; The Reason for the MVP is BECAUSE of...the complement;  The Result of the MVP is THAT...the complement
How? Two nuances: Means (instrumentality/agency, has to be there for action to occur)       Manner (color commentary, descriptive, what it looks like)
The Means of the MVP is BY...the complement;  The Manner of the MVP is...the complement


A. 8a-c The Means by which believers are saved by grace, is through faith
   A1 . 8a-b The Means by which Believers are saved is by grace
        A1a. 8a  The Means by which Believers are saved is by grace
        A1b. 8b  Believers are saved = MVP
   A2. 8c  The Means by which believers are saved by grace, is through faith
B. 8d-9a The Result of People being graciously saved by faith...
                ... is that salvation is a gift rather than by works
   B1. 8d  Salvation by faith (S by F) is not sourced in man
   B2. 8e-9a The Result of S by F not originating in man is...
                     ...it is the gift from God, not the result of man's works
       B2a. 8e  Salvation by faith is the gift of God
       B2b. 9a  Salvation by faith is not of works


C. 9b  The Purpose of S by F being a gift rather than earned is so that no one should boast.
D. 10 The Reason no one should boast (in their salvation or works) is because God is the One who not only saved us apart from our works, but has even prepared works for us to do. 
D1. 10a Believers are His workmanship BAHW = MVP of this verse
D2. 10b The Reason BAHW is because we created in/by (sphere or means) Christ Jesus
D3. 10c The Purpose of being created in Christ is for good works
D4. 10d The Manner of the good works is that God prepared them beforehand
D5. 10e The Purpose of God preparing good works is so that we should walk/live in them.


I. 2:1-6 The Result of Jews and Gentiles equally deserving wrath is that God graciously saved them
II. 7 The Purpose of God graciously saving Jews and Gentiles together in Christ is so that  in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.
III. 8-10 The Reason God will manifest His rich grace in the future is because our Salvation and Works are functions of His grace
IV. 11-22 The Result of S&W being functions of His grace is that Jews and Gentiles are now one reconciled unified entity growing into a temple in which God can dwell.


APPLICATION: How does it work? What does the author/God expect the audience to do in response (worship)?
Live in unity, indwelt by God using grace to build the Body, knowing that we are equally deserving of wrath rather than grace.


Download an extended example of the Eph 2:8-10 outlining process.