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BAC Sermons

Body Building Part III

1994-10-01 Ephesians 4:15-16

15 a) But speaking the truth in love, b) may grow up into him in all things, who is the head, [even] Christ: 16 a) From whom the whole body b) fitly joined together and compacted c) by all joint_of/contact_with the supply, d) according to the effectual working of the measure of every individual part, e) makes increase of the body f) to the edifying of itself g) in love.

I. The Body Grows Itself as it "Truths It In Love" under the Headship of Christ

A. v15a Growth occurs by "truthing in love" {Know the Truth, Live the Truth, Love others with the Truth}

B. v15b Growth is in Christlikeness (God is glorified when seen in our lives)

C. v16a-b The whole body needs to be lined up, fitted, and bonded together

D. v16c-d The bonding (and growth) won't take place unless:  {get & use}

                1. v16c...Every part is in complete contact with the Chorus Master  (4:7)

                2. v16d...Each united part works at playing the notes it's been given

E. v16e-g The Body builds the Body for the purpose of self-edification (increasing its ability to display Christlike love)

II. We Need to know the truth and live the truth before we can love others with it

            (Love = self-sacrifically desire what is in another's best interest) specifically:

A-to be right rather than wrong        

...to be right rather than be liked (accepted)

...live according to what is true and reliable rather than to base one's life on unreliable, deceiving lies

...have an accurate perception of reality rather than a comfortable self-deceived one

...be on the correct path rather than felt understood and left on the track while the train is coming

B-to do what's right on their own initiative rather than be pushed into it ...pursue God directly rather than thru an intermediary

...learn for themselves and develop enduring convictions of truth rather than be spoon fed coddled truth)

C-to discover that they are on the wrong path sooner rather than later when more damage is done & more error must be undone

...be disabused of potentially harmful habits before they become entrenched and do irreparable damage

...know what God has said rather than walk in darkness (know where God has spoken and where He has suggested)

D-to reap the consequences of their actions (receive praise for well-doing and rebuke for wrong-doing)

...reap certain consequences of sin rather than be encouraged in irresponsibility

...be allowed to make even painful mistakes if they will gain something of eternal value from the experience

E-to develop Christlike self-control, forbearance, humility, meekness, patience and an ironic sense of humor rather than throw a grenade at whatever offends or annoys them

...to be treated (reproved, rebuked, condemned, encouraged, comforted) with the same degree of gentleness and sensitivity with which we would like to be treated

...to be accepted than rejected; enjoyed rather than endured; liked, needed, accepted, understood, valued

F-to exercise self-denial for winning the prize rather than mucking about in the pursuit of finite power, pleasure & possessions

...to live for the future rather than the temporal (live so as to be blessed rather than cursed by God)

...pursue knowledge of God thru His Word (study, memory/meditation) more than silver and gold (worshipping work)

...to submit to unjust authority rather than develop an independent or unaccountable lifestyle

...to learn how to trust and appeal to God for help or protection rather than hiding from situations of discomfort

...to derive their enduring self-worth from their relationship with God rather than from their comparison with others, performance on the job, from what others say, putting others down, or transitory achievement

...meet their own needs in their relationship with God & minister to others rather than seeking to be ministered to

...to derive enjoyment and significance from their relationship with God rather than from the toys and trifles in this life

...to take every thought captive rather than dwelling on some offense, personal worry or business problem

F-to be wounded by a friend rather than kissed by an enemy  

...to be awkwardly and insensitively told they are about to walk over a cliff rather than sent flowers and a charmingly polite get well card in the hospital

...to be told that they're offensive & how to correct it rather than ignored, avoided, & left to blunder thru life as a pariah

...be rudely told they're going to hell rather than politely allowed to continue in a false hope that they're going to heaven

G-to be left in the darkness of their sin rather than exposed to more light for which they will incur more judgement for rejecting