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Leadership Curriculum

PCCC Leadership Curriculum

Suggestions © January 29, 2002 Bill Cobb 973-837-1041 Bcobbweb@yahoo.com


Course ONE: Organizational Leadership

I. Planning

A. Content: Leadership Tasks Overview; Authority & Influence; Purpose/Mission/Vision Stmts; Objectives; Goals; Project Planner;

Corporate change cycle; Top Time wasters/savers; Initial Evaluation Criteria

B. Objectives: Participants will write an organizational mission stmt and identify their top priority needs for accomplishing it

II. Organization/Staffing

A. Content: Developing programs/strategies to meet goals; SMART goals

Recruiting,  Training  and Motivating Volunteers; Personality Types

B. Objectives: Participants will identify and assess their own Personality types; Develop two SMART goals.

III. Direction/Supervision

A. Content: Teambuilding; Communication; Listening Skills; One Minute Manager techniques; Individual Change Process

B. Objectives: take steps toward building a team, evaluate their communication style; practice one minute praise and reprimand

IV. Control/Evaluation

A. Content: Accountability; Review Process; Goal Autopsy-Setting New goals; Barriers to Change

B. Objectives: Participants will develop their evaluative criteria, identify their greatest needs

Course TWO: Personal Leadership Development

I. Servant Leadership and Personal Greatness

A. Content: Dream development, Personal Mission statement; Initial Assessment; Top Time wasters/savers

B. Objectives: Participants will write out a personal mission statement; determine their top priorities; develop &  critique two SMART goals

II. Time and Life Management

A. Content: Priorities; Purposeful living; Goal Accomplishment; Secrets of Success

B. Objectives: Participants will order a written schedule around their priorities, and recruit two change agents to help them achieve their goals

III. Lifelong Personal Development

A. Content: Leadership Character; the need for change; Self-image and Habits; Reprogramming our robots

B. Objectives: Participants will identify one change/challenge area, and map out a strategy and support mechanism for personal change

IV. Spheres of Leadership: Work, Family, Community

A. Content: Worthy goals; Using your uniqueness: build on strengths-minimize weakness; Impacting others

B. Objectives: Participants will develop strategies for achieving their goals in two spheres of influence.

Course THREE: Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders

I. Mentoring Relationships and Accountability; Leadership Traits Individual Change process; reprogramming our robots/self image

II. Building Unshakeable Self-worth; Empowering others; Climate and Coaching

III. Work and Career Guidance; Finances; Finding a Job you can love;

IV. Webs of Relationships:  Social, Peers, Authority; Reproducing leaders

Course FOUR: Dynamics of  Team Leadership

I. Target, Educate, Recruiting/Organizing a team; Board of Directors; Authority, Ownership

II. Expectations, Generating and Sustaining Commonality of Purpose; Meaningful meeting management; small group facilitation

III. Accountability, Affirmation, Empowering team members; Resolving Conflicts; Team Functions and Techniques

IV. Morale: Building a winning attitude and maintaining high morale

Course FIVE: Leadership Communication

I. Written Communication; making presentations; grant proposals

II. Public Speaking (selling, teaching, preaching)

III. Persuading and Negotiating (interpersonal and public)

IV.  Conflict Resolution/Counseling


Possible Time Frames : Four consecutive weekdays (M-Th)  in summer

or  four Saturdays per course; 8:30-12:30 (I’m unavailable mid August - mid October)


Free session in late Spring to introduce the series.