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Study Guide to Soteriology Part 1: Justification

BC 5/91


Below is an overview of the subject which we'll be studying in three parts: Justification (forgiveness), Sanctification (holiness), and Glorification (future glory). See Thayer's Lexicon on the word "save" # to see a partial classification of how the word is used.


Why does man need to be saved?  What is he being saved from?



Salvation is best viewed as a reversal of the effects of the Fall, and can be seen in the Scriptures as having three areas of emphasis:


1) Justification = Accomplished escape from hell and the death penalty incurred by sin, and restoration of our relationship with God. (Tit 3:5; Rm 5:9)


2) Sanctification = Progressive deliverance from sin habits and restoration toward pre-Fall holiness and Christlikeness. (I Pt 2:2: Phil 2:12)


3) Glorification = Future restoration of glory and rulership with Christ in His kingdom. (Heb 9:28; I Pt 1:5)


A. Faith

All three aspects of salvation are dependent upon faith or trust in God's revelation.(Jn 1:12; Eph 3:5-10; II Cor 5:7; Heb 11:6)


B. Repentance

A change of mind or thinking on the part of one who is opposed to God is necessary to receive and appropriate God's gracious gift. (Ac 20:21)


C. Regeneration

God, through His Word, and by the power of His Spirit, creates new life in those who believe. (Tit 3:5; Jn 3:5; 1:13)   


D. Justification

When a person trusts Christ's death on his behalf as a satisfactory payment to God for his sins, he receives forgiveness and is declared to be in a right relationship with God. (I Cor 5:21; Rm 5:1)


E. Election and Predestination

All elections should be as free and democratic as possible, of responsible individuals, before they reach their destination.


F. Sanctification

Believers are to progressively grow in Christlikeness. (I Jn 1:9)