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Fun with Dick and Jane

Bible Study Methods - Fun with Dick & Jane

Because Jane's father wasn't approving of him, Dick scaled the wall heroically, on a ladder, at night to elope with Jane but fell off and said "ouch"


  • Read the passage in at least two versions, noting significant differences.
  • Write down any questions that come to mind as you read (include those your audience may have).
  • Identify:

--verbs:  one underline

--verbal propositions:  double underline

--conjunctions:  circle


--subject of each clause:  mark with an "S"

--prepositions:  mark with a checkmark

--pronouns:  personalize

  • Diagram the passage, putting each phrase or clause on its own line.

--Because Jane's father wasn't approving of him

--Dick scaled the wall

--heroically, on a ladder, at night

--to elope with Jane

--but fell off

--and said "ouch"

List Questions & Observations

  • Historical/Cultural/Geographical Context/Background
  • Grammatical Considerations
  • Lexical Studies/Insights 
  • Structure and Style
  • Argument
  • Theology of Book, Author, Bible
  • Who, What, Where, When, Why (Purpose, Reason, Result), & How (Means & Manner)

Solve the Mystery

  • Begin the process of INTERPRETATION by using a concordance, a Bible dictionary, an English dictionary and a Greek Lexicon (refrain from using a commentary until you've completed your own study).
  • Determine and identify (on your diagram):

--Main Verbs and Independent Clauses:  determines Major Verbal Propositions (MVP) or Verbal

Independent Propositions (VIP) 

--Coordinate or Subordinate Clauses:  usually with a conjunction and verbal form (participle, infinitive),

answering the questions Why or How about the MVP

--Other Modifiers, Phrases (prepositional) and Key Nouns:  usually answering Who, What, When, or Where about the MVP

Who?  The one who should do x is y.

What?  The thing that did x was y.

Where?  The place where x happens is y.

When?  The time when x happened was y.

Why - purpose?  The purpose of doing x is so that y will happen.

Why - result?  The result of doing x is that y happen.

Why - reason?  The reason why x happened was because of y.

How - means?  The means by which you should do x is by y.

How - manner?  The manner in which you should do x is y.