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Lies We Believe



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LIES WE BELIEVE that keep us bound to sin. BC 8/91 


LIES RE: MY JOY & PURPOSE {See TOYL: Bad, Better, Best}

My highest joy and delight can be found in something or someone other than God (or apart from His revealed will)

My happiness/peace depends upon external circumstances: (situation at work, spouse, condition of apartment, response of others, finance)

Temporal pleasure outweighs the eternal benefit of self-sacrifice

Joy comes from choosing what’s easy rather than what’s best.



My worth or value is dependent on what I do/have in the eyes of others

What I do is more important that what I am.

Explanations excuse behavior. I’m not a product of my thoughts.

The way I am is the way I will be. I can't help being the way I am or having the personality I have. I can’t change.

I am better/more important than someone else..than I really am

I have rights.  I need to maximize my potential.

Being different is bad. Conforming is bad.

My situation is so different that Biblical principles don’t apply.

I have no control over how I feel, or think, or act, nor over my attitudes

I have to be true to, trust or follow my feelings (gut).

I only have to do what I want or feel like doing.



Security is found in savings/job rather than the sovereignty of God.

Money buys happiness (respect, worth/value as an individual).

What we have is purely a function of our efforts.

God doesn't own it all.   More is better.

The abilities and resources God has entrusted to me are to be used for my comfort, security, and pleasure.

Stewardship applies to only 10%; the rest is mine.

I can get true riches without being faithful in finances.



God's acceptance of me is unconditional.[His love is unconditional.]

God won't reward me differently from others.

There is no future judgment (rewards or punishments) for the words and works of believers, therefore I can live as I please.

God wouldn't want me to do anything foolish.

God always keeps us in the dark about what He's doing or wants.

God has infinite patience in dealing with His creatures

My sins won't find me out, nor fester, nor impede my growth  but will just go away.



God doesn't mean what He says. Sin isn't deadly; it doesn't kill.

It's more important what others think than what God thinks.

Tradition or the majority rather than Bible Study determine truth.

God's word must be tempered by experience or culture.

I need a model before I obey or follow the principles of Scripture.

God's standards are relative. That’s your interpretation.

You can make the Bible say anything you want.

If godly men disagree, truth becomes relative (at least one of them is wrong).

God doesn't expect me to accurately understand Scripture.

Studying the Bible should be easy if God wants me to do it.

I can master sin without mastering the Scriptures.



My  time is my own; I need to protect it rather than pour it out for others.

Success is more important than faithfulness.

I won’t reap what I sow. I can get strawberries by planting radishes.

My love of others can be conditional.

My acceptance of others must be unconditional.

God needs me to accomplish His purpose.

God is content if I show up (on Sunday), fork up (a few bucks) and shut up (when it comes to praise and witnessing).

God doesn't hold me accountable for the souls of my co-workers/neighbors.

I don't have enough time/strength to do all that God wants me to do.

I should only love the lovely or do what makes me feel good.



The purpose of Christianity is something other than glorifying God through obedient discipleship which will result in reproductive Christianity.

Worship and love are emotional feelings rather than decisions.

Ritual/appearance is more important than reality.

Ministry or Bible Study is only for the superspiritual rather than a way of life.

Holiness is automatic rather than a product of blood, sweat, and tears.

I have to like someone and be like them to learn form them.

I can be in subjection to Christ and not in submission to His Body.

Christianity/religion is a private affair between me and God, independent of other believers. I can be a lone ranger disciple.

Irritations and difficulties are to be avoided as bad rather than welcomed as blessings that refine me.

Serving God means going into full-time Christian work.

There is a Biblical distinction between clergy and laity.

I’ll grow by just trusting God; “Let go and let God”.



Relationships either "click" or don't based upon common interests/backgrounds (rather than having God in common).

Relationships and Church are for getting my needs satisfied.

Letting a person be comfortable (save face) is better than open rebuke.

Love is letting a person peacefully continue in sin and error.

Others cause me to sin or prevent me from doing what's wise.

Parents are incapable of discipling their children to maturity.

I can have godly/Biblical kids without Biblical discipline.

Submission in marriage is to one another.

A wife can’t win her husband without a few choice (repeated) words.

A husband can lead for his own benefit or have peace by abdication.

Submission is only in black and white areas.

Fear of man is more important the fear of God.



God's highest goal for me is my happiness (rather than my holiness).

The chief end/purpose of man is self-gratification.

I can be pleasing to God without sacrifice (pain, suffering, rejection.)

We're just sinners saved by grace (so it's natural to continue to sin.)

Sin is pleasurable, and a little sin never hurt anyone.

Power, pleasure, and possessions can be sought and enjoyed apart from God.

God is to be enjoyed, not feared; God is to be feared, not enjoyed.



You can lose your salvation. You have to repent to be justified.

You can be sanctified without repenting.

There are some sins that God won't forgive.

I need something more than what God has given to live the Christian life.

Our efforts are going to bring in the kingdom.

There is no kingdom, nor are there differential rewards and punishments.

Special wisdom from God is necessary to interpret the Bible

The bad guys in the Scriptures are always the unbelievers.

Satan doesn't have influence over believers, can’t answer prayer,  doesn’t open doors,  nor does he control the world.